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BYTE Group was founded in 1993 and has a history of more than 25 years. A metal processing company that manufactures and sells aerospace parts machining, CNC Machining Aluminum Parts, Metal parts machining, Standard Components for Press Die( Cam Units), etc. in Pingtung Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan.

In order to meet customers’ needs, the Group supports the production of large 5-axis parts up to 4 m through expensive 5-axis machining center equipment investment. We also have a full line of 4-axis and 3-axis machining centers and coordinate measuring machines to support the manufacture of all types of parts.

By building a consistent production management system for R&D, design, manufacturing, etc., our team has the ability to personalize a product base on customers’ needs. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the effective communication between clients and our design departments, we set up 3D CAD software. As a result, we stay technical capabilities competitive in press die standard, aerospace, and other professional components industry.

Our quality management system reaches the standard of ISO 9001 and has been certified by AS9100, which is considered to be the ISO of the aerospace industry.

In addition, we have set up ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which can enhance the product life-cycle management. Also, this allows us to manage multiple processes and the quality of each products from a single system.

This group is known as a specialized manufacturer of rotating cams and silent cams, and the product catalog includes “Standard component for press die”, “Cam unit” and “quiet cams”, and has over 2,000 standard parts. In addition, 7 patents have been acquired, among which the silent and patented rotary cam products are the best in “Precision Model Award” at the “11th China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition” in 2006. Awarded

For aerospace parts, the main customer is a large airline in Taiwan. For standard parts, the main customers in Taiwan are major die companies such as Jui Li Enterprise Co., Ltd and Van Guard Mold Enterprise CO, LTD. Main customers overseas are famous automobile manufacturers such as GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota and Nissan. We mainly export to China, Japan, USA, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Europe. We will continue to introduce new products to meet all the needs of our customers.


  • Machining Aerospace Parts 

  • Large 5 Axis machining

  • CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

  • Standard Components for Press Die

  • Cam Units such as Standard cams, Silent cams, Rotating cams, etc

  • Slide Components, Die Guide Components

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  • 1993:Foundation
  • 1996:Started sales to standard components for press die
  • 2003:Certified by ISO 9001:2000
  • 2004:Being a supplier for NISSAN (KPS Standard)
  • 2012:Approved by Ford WDX standard worldwide
  • 2015:Approved by FCA NFTA
  • 2016:New factory at southern Taiwan
  • 2017:Certified By Aerospace certification AS9100D
  • 2018:Obtained the first order for aerospace components  – BOEING 737Max & 787
  • 2020:Obtained the parts of advanced trainer aircraft
Standard Component for Press Die
Rotary cam
5 Axis Machining
Cam units

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